New year, same lockdown

2021 was supposed to be the year that things got back to normal, but with Covid cases on the rise, and the amount of vaccines that are needed, it will probably be another year until we're all back in the studios for uninterrupted aerial time, and in venues for competitions and workshops. However, until then, there are some alternatives. Most studios have moved online, so taking classes with them is a great way to support your local studio. It's also an easy way of trying other studios. For instance, we're currently taking weekly classes with Azaria Frost from Momentum pole and aerial. Momentum has studios in Gloucester, Cirencester and Cheltenham. We're in Cardiff. Travelling there every week would be costly, but with online classes, we can learn from Azaria in the comfort of our own home. It's also a chance to try private lessons with some of your idols who are in different countries, at a fraction of the price of attending a workshop. If you're permanently cash-strapped like we are, this is a definite upside. There are also online competitions and showcases. We've attended two Eden Online showcases and two Carnival of Carnage ones. We performed in the second one, and highly recommend it if you want performing practise without the nerves of being on stage. It's still nerve-wracking, but there's something less scary about performing in your living room to your computer, so it's great if, like us, you want to perform but have little to no experience. Just be careful you don't land on any pet that wanders in.

Miss and Mister Pole Dance Scotland and English Riviera have moved online for this year, so if you want to start competing, this is a great opportunity, providing you have your own pole. So whilst this may not be the start of the year we all wanted, there is some good lurking amongst the bad. And like The Crow says, "it can't rain all the time." Stay safe.

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