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Who spends their time scrolling through their Instagram feeds, wishing they could train with their idols? Yes, famous polers often host workshops at competitions or in other studios, but like a lot of people, we can never afford to do them. However, this lockdown has a bright light in the tunnel of endless quarantine: Zoom.

Most studios have now moved online, and provide a mixture of strength, conditioning, flexibility, flow and pole classes. In these uncertain times, it's a great way of supporting your studio, and saving some money, as most online classes tend to be cheaper.

Now, thanks to technology, you can train with polers and studios all over the world, and at reasonable prices too. So far, we've done choreo classes with the hilarious Tiff Finney and Michelle Shimmy; chair dance class with Andi Active Cherry and Rachael Robbins (aka Luna Tickles); stretch classes with Laura from Upside Circus, Sam King, and Maddie Sparkle. For those who don't know Shimmy and Sparkle, they're in Australia, so their studio, Pole Dance Academy, are putting on special lessons for those in Europe. Whilst they have done workshops in the UK, last year's clashed with our friends' wedding, and we're not sure declining the wedding invite to pole with Shimmy and Sparkle would've gone down well. We've also been training every day with our studio, Personal Pole, owned by Charlotte Scott, and have had a private lesson with the fabulous Azaria Frost.

We still have a list of polers we'd love to train with: Chilli Rox, Dirdy Birdy, Dimitry Politov, Anastasia Sokolova and Doctor Ken, to name but a few.

Have you taken any online classes with your idols? If you haven't, who would you love to train with? Let us know!

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