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Cat and Lynx

 Chief Editor & Content Director 

Cat and Lynx are better known as C L Raven; horror writing, ghost hunting, poledancing mistresses of the macabre. They started poledancing in 2016 and fell in love the moment they touched the pole. They love badass doubles tricks, strength moves, and hate cross ankle release/rayne and Superman with unbridled passion.


In 2019, they entered their first competition as a doubles act and won second place. They aim to compete more, though they’re not sure the poleworld is quite ready for routines done to Swedish metal band, The Unguided. The band, however, approve. Off the pole, their time is taken up with writing horror, occasionally working on indie horror films, looking after their animal army and being an embarrassment to gymnastics. In January 2020, they opened their mobile polefit studio, The Pole Vault, and teach out of community and church halls in south Wales. They train in various studios in Cardiff, including KT Wild's Vertical Fitness, Personal Pole and Chrome Roses (where Amy Pennell is their intructor), and travel to Swindon for comp coaching with Azaria Frost.

Azaria Frost PoleDancer Pole Teacher when in chrome Team member writer


 Contributor & Writer 

Azaria is a pole dance and aerial hoop instructor from Swindon. She is the author of High Performance, a guide to creating pole and aerial routines for first-time performers, and is well-known in the community for her custom-built aerial umbrella.

Azaria has been instructing since 2014, and teaches both disciplines from beginner to advanced level, as well as travelling the country performing and teaching workshops.

Eilish Foxen-McGough pole Dancer When In Chrome Team Member

Eilish Foxen-McGough

 Contributor & Writer 

Eilish Foxen-McGough has been pole dancing for five years, and trains at Maya Dance and Fitness and also Pink Kitten dance school in Bristol. Her favourite styles of pole dance are anything that involves wearing massive Pleasers and as little clothing as possible, as she is an avid Sunday bumday enthusiast! Her favourite trick is her beloved cross knee release and least favourite is the absolute arsehole (her words, not ours!) that is the superman!

When she’s not pole dancing, Eilish blogs about her pole dance adventures in her blog Chrome Chronicles, which is an awesome but NSFW read! She’s also a brand ambassador for Hoodlum Fang (who she is wearing in the photo) and an affiliate marketer for X Pole. As well as pole dancing, Eilish’s other favourite things in life are dogs, death metal and whiskey.

 pole Dancer When In Chrome Team Member  Pole Teacher Writer


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 pole Dancer When In Chrome Team Member Pole Teacher

Jojo Fox

Emma Ayres  pole Dancer When In Chrome Team Member  Pole Dancer Pole Fit

Emma Ayres

Thomas Farr Desiger

Thomas Farr

 Model & Expert 

Since she was a little girl, Amy always had a passion for movement including ballet, gymnastics and modern dance. After her first pole dancing class in 2014, she fell in love with everything that pole had to offer! It gives her the opportunity to express herself, maintain a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically and has allowed her to be part of a wonderful pole community of supportive people. She enjoys learning new moves, styles and techniques by attending classes and workshops from pole dancers across the UK. As a certified instructor at Chrome Roses, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping people progress to achieve their personal goals.


Kim has loved photography since she was a child and has always been obsessed with art and imagery. Be it an old film camera, disposable, point and shoot, and more recently, her DSLR and camera phone, she has always had a camera with her to capture the moments and memories being created around her.

Similarly, she has loved dance and gymnastics from an early age, way back to her mum videoing Olympic and Commonwealth gymnastics for her as a child so she could watch back after class. It’s no surprise that her two loves have finally collided.

The professional side of her work focuses creating dramatic and unusual images specifically in the pole, dance, alternative and circus arenas. She loves creating work that makes people look twice and comes into her own when working with other creative people who are looking for something a little different. She loves experimenting with lighting and also working with subjects who hate having their photo taken as she can absolutely empathise!

 Writer & Contributor 

Jojo Fox has been pole dancing for five years, and aerial hooping for four years. She trains at various locations in Kent and has recently opened her own studio, Fox Club Fitness, in Canterbury. Her favourite style of pole is anything strength related or booty shaking! Her favourite pole trick is any bridge based trick and her least favourite is the ever wriggly superman.

When she isn’t pole dancing, she’s usually found making people stronger as a personal trainer, whizzing around an aerial hoop or helping run her husband’s tattoo shop. Jojo’s favourite things are animals (including her dog Finn and cats Ollie and Tina), coffee, pizza, ice cream and cooking up fab vegan recipes. Jojo is a UK distributor for Dew Point Pole, a brand ambassador for Rise Above Fear gym wear and has a passion for learning more about anatomy & physiology.

 Writer & Contributor 

Emma Ayres has been part of the pole dancing world for over two years, and currently trains at Mission Studios in Mansfield, UK. As a poler she loves anything strength-based; her current favourite trick is Stargazer, and she dreams of being able to deadlift into anything. 

You might recognise Emma from her blog, Sass and Clacks. She believes that pole is for every body, and has dedicated her blog to promoting body positivity and acceptance within the pole world. She’s passionate about feminism, mental health, and body positivity, and considers herself heavily anti-diet culture, which are the key aspects of her blog. 

Outside of pole and writing, Emma loves lifting heavy weights, although you’d probably never guess from how much she complains about barbell squats. Her favourite things are tabletop and video games, animals, crochet, whiskey, and feeling strong. She also loves learning more about the world, and in particular, loves reading about true crime cases, psychology, history, and weird science.


Thomas Farr is the long-time assistant, advisor, dungeon master and generalised Igor for Cat and Lynx, and currently performing design work for When in Chrome Magazine.

He joined this project using skills from various jobs performed to assist in avoiding laptops or keyboards being flung against walls, ceilings or errant annoyances nearby.

Thomas currently works as a quality manager at a major computing outsourcing company and lives in Bridgend with his wife Amy Farr.