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If you have an idea for an article or a feature that you feel would be a good fit for the magazine, please submit it below with an outline of your idea, and a short bio. 
We are a paying market, as we believe nobody should work for free. At the moment, we don't pay professional rates, but this will change as the magazine grows. Payment will be within 30 days of publication.
We are happy to accept reprints, providing you hold the rights to the work, and we only ask for non-exclusive rights. Writing is a hard job, and we don't want to hold your work to ransom.  However, we retain the right to continue selling back issues of the magazine.
When In Chrome reserves the right to edit your work for spelling or grammar corrections, but if further editing is required, we will work with you.
Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please let us know if it's published elsewhere. No multiple submissions - wait for a reply before pitching another idea. Please make sure it is your own work. Plagiarised work will be removed immediately and further work will be not be accepted.
Response time will be within two weeks.
Payment per article is £25 but we will negotiate. We aim to pay professional rates when the magazine is more established.

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